Here you can find a collection of various things that I have recorded. All files are zipped up to prevent streaming so my bandwidth isnt slayed. All you need to do to listen to it is right click on the file you want to play and go to Save As and choose a location to save the file to. You can use the free evaluation version of WinZIP to view the .mp3 file that is compressed and start listening.

Unless noted, everything here was recorded on my personal computer using Sonar for multi-tracking, and the Johnson J-Station for my guitar sound. Drums are computer soundfonts programmed with Guitar Pro. None of the songs are anything more than demos so don't expect a professional recording studio quality sound on any of these please. In fact, expect much less in some instances. This site is just so that I have some database of what I've recorded in the past


For Her This is a song that I wrote a few years back, and was my first major home recording project. I had a lot of fun and finally got one of my better songs out of my head and onto something concrete.
Skin O' My Teeth This is a cover of a popular Megadeth song that I recorded for the online Megadeth tribute titled Droogies: A Tribute to Megadeth .. I had a lot of fun recording this and went through a lot of trouble to get a good sound with a live drumset. I played all instruments on this one, and brought in my friend Kurt to do the vocals.
Dolphin of Death Another song that i wrote a long time ago.. Probably around '98.. It was Based off of a 3 chord riff me and some members of Vaginal Blunts came up with while screwing off. I wanted to turn the song from a simplistic joke to something with a few more layers and sections. I think it came out good and was fun to write.
Comatose This song was recording at a local studio late 2003 by me and my currently unnamed band. It remains unfinished and not very cleaned up. It was written by our keyboard player Michael Koerber and is very complex. Reminiscent of Dream Theater i would say.
Floating Through The
Sands of Time
A fairly good song that I have yet to get around to adding the little things to spruce it up like drums, and a better guitar tone. This was actually the very last song that was recorded before I bought my J-Station. It was recorded the old fashioned way by placing a mic in front of my amp. Due to misc factors, the tone isn't great on the distorted parts though. If you can sit through the first part, i promise the mid section and end are worth it. This is a heavy fast song with a chorus that reminds me of Nirvana for some reason.
Breathe Heres a song that was written in the first band i was in around july 2002 by our then guitar player Brandon, myself, and Michael. No drums on this. More of a mainstream hard rock song i guess you could say. You decide
Lies This song was written by me at the same time and for the same band as Breathe. Kind of Creed-ish sounding. No drums on this as well
New Song A guitar only recording of a newer song that I was working on. Michael says that parts of it sound like Queensryche. I think that parts of it sound like Megadeth. I find the song to get interesting after the first two verses.


The songs listed below are ones that either aren't mine, me playing covers, or are just funny. They don't fit in with the songs above but thats not to say they aren't good.

Linear Bruises This is the infamous Linear Bruises. This masterpiece was written by Blake. This little diddy is a nice acoustic song. Some think its a love song, that is, until the lyrics start. Sexual innuendo at its finest. Can you say "Cleveland Steamer" ?
Linear Bruises (Techno Remix) Same as above, but with a techno beat where the drums use to be. Very amusing
For Her (w/ Vocals) This is a version of my instrumental of the same name, but with samples from the move UHF stuck in as vocals. Pretty amusing.
99 Ways to Die Cover of the Megadeth song. I recorded all instruments. This is unfinished and was really just to mess around. The drums are lacking because i had only been playing for a few months at that point, and I believe that its missing the solo. The guitar parts arent perfect by any stretch. Just one of those songs I did to have fun and never completed.
Take No Prisoners Cover of the Megadeth song. Only 1 guitar track. Don't ask me why i recorded this.
Shredding Solo Me trying to solo. Note my inability to do the tricks that the professional shredders do. I tried to put a snippet of Flight of the Bumblebee in there that didn't come out too bad.
Unforgiven (solo) Yes, the Metallica song. Recorded by Michael Koerber
Davian Cult Rave Mix This is a funny one. I took some techno song, and placed samples all throughout that i took from a home video recording of various things like a campout we all went on. I've never laughed as hard as i did while putting this together.
Comfortably Numb (solo) Imperfect attempt at me playing the solo from the Pink Floyd song. Looking back, i did a grave injustice to the song, but I figure I'd host it so people can laugh at me.
Victory (remix) A "remix" that I did of the Megadeth song. Listen for yourself.
Deth BB Solo Jam This track was something that we put together on the Megadeth message boards. I recorded a rhythm guitar to a drum track I programmed, and people from the message boards sent in a short guitar solo. After a few weeks and many contributions, we had our finished product. My solo is the first one. Michael's keyboard solos are in there and pretty easy to pick out.
Crazy Train (solo) Yea the ozzy song. I guess I got bored one night and decided to play with my recording software.
Second Love Cover of the Pain of Salvation song -Completly played and recorded by Michael